Adjust your orders to the new paradigm

UNCERTAINTY is probably the word that better defines the current worldwide situation. As some regions of the world have started regaining some sort of “normality”, restaurants, bars, hotels and cafés have either had to adjust their businesses after a long-awaited reopening.  Others have gone or even returned to a sort of lockdown.

New ways of socializing, meeting with friends are currently just as present in the collective awareness as the fear, the social distancing, the economic difficulties or even possible future restrictions, and this duality creates a high level of uncertainty for the on-trade and small businesses.  For example, when it comes to placing beverage orders to the supplier, one of the initial headaches may include to accurately forecast the demand and not being trapped with overstock when clientele is still not flooding in like it used to be, or, in the best case scenario, having an overwhelming amount of customers and running out of stock.

At Hillebrand, being close to our customers’ challenges is one of our priorities, and have therefore developed solutions that fit every need.  To attend the trade during these uncertain times, our groupage service helps you become more flexible with your orders, so you can minimize your stock while still being able to offer a variety of beverages to satisfy the most adventurous palates.  With this solution, you no longer need to order full containers and you may bring to your market a few cases or pallets at any point in time, always under stringently transportation conditions.  Our team of experts will manage the full process for you, all the way from pick-up to delivery.  Hillebrand operated in more than 120 tradelanes with frequent guaranteed departures, even if disruptions arise during these uncertain times.

Hillebrand’s groupage service is more than just pure logistics, it has the advantage of providing you with an end-to-end service, including documentation, insurance and custom clearance, it even allows you to follow your shipment live, through myHillebrand. Additionally, this beverage-specific service is mainly offered using insulated or refrigerated shipping containers to protect from the effects of thermal shocks, unwanted smells and humidity issues as well as cross-contamination.  Your beverages are safely stored in temperature-controlled warehouses and under packing and storage safeguards, which assures their safety.  Last, but not least, the flexibility of ordering from multiple suppliers or warehouses at the same time and using any transportation mode rounds up the success of Hillebrand’s groupage service. 

Are you ready to take the hassle out of beverage stocking?  Let us partner with you by requesting our groupage service.


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