We're restless in our pursuit for sustainability

Environmental protection

For Hillebrand, it is a high priority to move towards low-carbon business models to reduce or mitigate the adverse effects of climate change. The company promotes ambitious targets related to reducing carbon emissions, promoting the sustainable use of natural resources and increasing the recovery and recycling of Flexitanks.

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Sustainability goals

  • By 2025, reduce carbon dioxide emissions per container by 45% (from 2008 levels and 76% in 2050)
  • Zero landfill of Flexitanks by end of 2021
  • Recovery and Recycling facilities for Flexitanks in each geographical region by 2021
  • 75% bulkheads to be recovered and reused by 2021
  • 75% of flexitanks to be recycled or sustainably recovered by 2022

Promoting a circular economy

When it comes to bulk flexitank transportation we are actively working to achieve a circular economy for all our equipment. Our teams optimize the global recovery of bulkheads from our customers for refurbishment and reuse and the flexitanks are responsibly recovered and recycled, avoiding landfill. 

Flexitanks recycling

Flexitanks are a safe, efficient and green way of transporting bulk liquids when flexitanks are properly recycled.  At Hillebrand, all our flexitanks are 100% recyclable and we are committed to 0 landfill.  Already some years ago, we have implemented flexitank recovery and recycling programs in many global locations.


Reducing and reusing packaging

When flexitanks are mechanically recycled, the material can be re-used to remanufacture new film products. Hillebrand’s design team are proactively exploring the options of using recycled polymers within the manufacture of new flexitanks.  Further research continues by the same in-house design and engineering team to reduce the thickness of the film of our flexitanks without compromising the quality and our newly developed ML flexitanks are using 18.6 % less plastic than the traditional ones.  In terms of life cycle analysis, this means that a ML flexitank will generate 1.5% less carbon emissions.

Helping our customers to become more sustainable

Understanding and lowering the carbon footprint of our customers’ shipments is now much easier.  myHillebrand quantifies the greenhouse gas emissions associated with each shipment to help to better analyze the global footprint of our customers’ operations and take the necessary steps to reduce their emissions. 

Responsible business practices and ethics

As a global and responsible company, Hillebrand is committed to ensuring that our business activities are safe, ethical, legal and transparent. We foster a sense of trust and integrity to our employees and stakeholders to ensure our business in conducted in a responsible manner. We are committed to ensuring that everyone feels valued and safe in their jobs. We work continuously in providing tools, training and a safe work environment to bring out the best in our people. We provide safe and healthy working places by setting and implementing global policies for all employees and subcontractors.  We provide specific training, instructions and personal protective equipment if needed. We respect different cultures and the rights of the individuals in each country. We promote diversity and inclusion within our workforce. 

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