We're restless in our pursuit for sustainability

Setting goals and working towards them

We're working towards a more sustainable future.  By 2025 our goal is to reduce carbon dioxide emissions per container by 45% (from 2008 levels). Today we've reached 27% according to Clean Cargo.  We also aim to recover and recycle 100% of our wine flexitanks.  We currently achieve 72% globally.

Promoting a circular economy

When it comes to bulk flexitank transportation we are actively working to achieve a circular economy for all our equipment. We collect bulkheads from our customers, refurbish and reuse them and we recycle our flexitanks responsibly, avoiding landfill. 

Helping you to reduce carbon emissions

We've introduced carbon dioxide (CO2) and other greenhouse gas emission data into our transport management system myHillebrand, to help customers understand and lower the carbon footprint of your shipments.

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