Mandela Day: Back to School COVID-19 Education Packs

Every year, on the 18th of July, Mandela Day is celebrated as a global call to action that celebrates the idea that everyone has the ability to make an impact. Nelson Mandela spent 67 years in service of humanity so on this day, one minute for each year should be spent taking the time to make a difference in our communities. It’s an occasion to take action and inspire change. 


This day is especially important for those in our South African office where we work with groups that hold significance for us. The Pebbles Project, is very close to our hearts and we are proud to say that more than a decade on, we are still contributing to this phenomenal organization.



Education, at every level and any age, is a very important value to us, so when Pebbles announced their project for Mandela Day: Back to School COVID-19 Education Packs, for the Early Childhood Development (ECD) centres, our South African office jumped at the opportunity to once again be a part of this historic day!


With COVID-19 being a part of our daily lives, we all need to ensure we keep ourselves and those around us safe and healthy.  Our contribution towards these ECD centres will assist with the challenges that the teachers will face, by ensuring each child has their own stationery box, as sharing of resources is no longer allowed.

 If 2020 has taught us anything, it is the ability to adapt!

 “It is in your hands to make our world a better one for all.”

– Nelson Mandela

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