Hillebrand continues to expand its global network of warehousing solutions

In an effort to further strengthen its end-to-end logistics services, Hillebrand boosts its warehousing capacity in five key locations around the world adding more than 40,000 square meters of temperature-controlled facilities exclusively dedicated to wine and other beverages.

Most of the new facilities are strategically located in the heart of key wine regions, such as Barcelona (Spain), Melbourne (Australia), Cape Town (South Africa), and Verona and La Spezia (Italy).  Additionally, Hillebrand has expanded its presence by opening a warehouse in Incheon (South Korea), one of the fastest growing wine markets in the world. In order to optimize the transportation efficiency, the new warehouses are well connected to ports, rail-hubs and airports.



“Hillebrand operates more than 50 warehouses, all of which are conveniently situated near wine production and large consumption regions,” says Marc Heeren, heading the Integrated Logistics Solutions business at Hillebrand, “our continuing investments in the development of transportation networks and warehousing footprint ensures we maintain a seamless fit with the needs of our customers in the wine, beer and spirits market.”

With this focus in mind, Hillebrand continues to be recognized for its industry-expertise and the tailor-made solutions that it offers to customers in the beverage industry; providing them with the means to expand their business into new markets and bring their warehousing in supply chain management to higher levels of efficiency.

The recently added facilities are all customs-bonded and provide the right conditions for storing and handling beverages. In addition, all sites offer a broad range of value-added services, in order to contribute to getting the product to the market at the right time and under the right conditions.

“Beverage is no average merchandise, it requires special care,” adds Heeren, “just think about wine; a precious product that needs to be treated with real expertise and precision in order to preserve its quality. We therefore complement our global transport network with bespoke logistics solutions, combining our leading technology with a strong physical infrastructure, and most of the expertise and passion of our teams. It all comes together to get our customers’ products to the market in the best possible way.”

In addition to global transport and warehousing services, Hillebrand offers a series of forward-thinking services including custom-fit visibility within the industry, supply chain management, control tower and 4pl, as well as solutions that enable wineries, producers, importers, distributors and retailers to conceive the benefits of optimized supply chains.

Hillebrand customers additionally have access to live information of their wines through the digital platform myHillebrand, which connects customers and suppliers to enable them to monitor inventory levels, orders and shipments, to optimize their production and supply levels according to demand.

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