How are we preparing for likelihood of the UK leaving the EU with ‘no deal’ on trade routes.

Forward planning is key for both Hillebrand and our customers so that together we can make the transition as smooth as possible and minimise delays in planned product arrival times.

So what are we doing?

We have reinforced our inland transportation networks in Europe to offer more availability on sea, road and rail carriers and increased our forecasted requirements for containers.

Since 2015, Hillebrand have avoided congested routes such as Calais, by consolidating and moving shipments out of our warehouse in The Netherlands.

We also already move shipments into the UK from Europe using unaccompanied containers, which avoids port congestion in comparison to other terminals that require drivers to physically cross the channel.  Unaccompanied containers also benefit trucking companies on both sides of the water as they can concentrate on managing their fleet in their own markets with quicker load turnaround times for drivers.


What do we advise?

Customers and their suppliers should be in discussion to understand expectations, capabilities and limitations of both parties. 

Careful consideration as to how paperwork will be managed will prevent delays and subsequently unforeseen costs.

Plan shipments with more lead-time if possible.  We’ll do our best to avoid delays, although having more lead-time allows us to explore different transit routes and hopefully avoid congested ports.


We’ll be here to support you and your business

Finding the best possible route for our customers’ shipments is a key element of our service that will remain unchanged.

If there are delays at port, our teams will be doing their utmost to minimise them and deliver shipments on time. Prior to collection they will make you aware of your options and during transport, keep you informed of your shipment’s progress.

Our teams have the skills to manage this. We handle beverage products from all over the world, every minute of every day and so we are well equipped to manage if increased customs paperwork is required or if regulation changes.

How can we help your business grow?